Be fit, look sexy, get FLEXI!

Have you lost your flexibility? 

Our group and private classes are designed to improve general flexibility and range of motion in the hips and lower limbs, back and shoulders.  Inspired from rhythmic gymnastics training our flexibility programs help you stay supple and toned as they focus on balancing each students' flexibility vs strength. Our Melbourne flexibility classes are a great challenge for beginner 'stretchers' and invaluable for dancers and athletes looking to improve their flexibility for their chosen performance or sporting discipline. After a thorough warm up, students will have a chance to work on their personal goals which might be as simple as touching their toes or as complex as a one handed walkover!



Flexibility training is an important component of physical fitness for everyday active people as well as athletes and performers. Guidelines for a flexibility training program suggest stretching with a minimum frequency of three days per week. Flexibility training offers athletes, professional and amateur alike, the ability to improve their performance through increased range of motion and decreased injury risk.

If you are looking for a Melbourne fitness and flexibility training program, Limber Sports Performance is your best option.The Stretch class, instructed by Lauren Skopal and her team provides a great introduction to flexibility training. This training session is designed to improve general flexibility and range of motion in the hips and lower limbs, back and shoulders. A combination of passive, dynamic and P&F (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching is used in conjunction with core strength and stability exercises. Super-splits, plyometric jump training and floor acrobatics are also included for advanced clients.

We also have a male stretching class specifically designed to target the needs of male athletes. Instruced by acrobat and fitness trainer, Bray Buenrostro, this class promotes mobility through gymnastics based exercises and active flexibility drills. It is the perfect fit for office men wanting to get back in the move!


Each Class Combines a Variety of the Exercises Below:

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Based Warm Up
  • PNF partner stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) 
  • Dynamic stretching including Kicks
  • Passive stretching including Splits, Supersplits & Progressions towards
  • Back extensions including Backbends & variations 
  • Theraband exercises and light leg weights to improve ROM
  •  Gymnastics based core strength
  •  Injury Prevention Exercises from Pilates (Especially for the Hips)
  •  Plyometric Jump Training (optional)

Schedule: Please note our group classes are on break from 02/09/17, please join our mailing list to be the first to find out about our reopening date and upcoming workshops. In the meantime online programs are available by emailing

Location: Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics Specialist Centre

Instructor: Lauren Skopal

All members training at the Gymnastics Centre are registered and insured with Gymnastics Australia, see the benefits. *Our monthly membership offers a discounted rate per class and can only be validated when purchased as a montlhly plan (not valid indIvidually)  if you wish to attend a trial class please get in touch with us.