sTRENGTH, flexibility & sKILLS 

Since gymnastics is all about bodyweight training and flexibility, this means the skills learned from it will be readily transferable to other sports. It is an incredible way to improve muscular strength and power because you will be using bodyweight training as a way to work both upper and lower body, while also strengthening your core.

Not only will gymnastics training help you develop various skill sets you can apply to the sports themselves, but it will also strengthen your body for general activities and other forms of exercise. You will be making your body stronger and supplier in various ways that can help to improve your quality of life, making your mobility and agility better. What more could you want?

It's not just lifting weight in the gym that will help you to develop strength; gymnastics is perfect for this too!


what are you training for?

Our Melbourne PT sessions have been designed to give you maximum results in the shortest possible time. Created especially for busy people, our 30,60 & 90 minute training sessions combine the use Gymnastics bodyweight exercices and traditional weight training .

We believe gymnastics can transform lives, that's why we've gone out of our way to make gymnastics training easy and accessible for all ages. We can also offer you Fitness for Wellness, Strength Development, Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Boxing & TRX. 

What are the health benefits you will get

  • Improve your Mental Health and Mood

  • Enhanced Physical Fitness

  • Strengthen your Bones and Muscles

  • Improve your Ability in Daily Activities

  • Reduce your Risk of Chronic Diseases

  • Control your Weight

  • Relieve Stress

Here's how

We provide individual support to help you maintain healthy habits. You will receive ongoing progression with your program to keep your motivation on tap and just the right amount of push for you to train that little bit harder than you can achieve on your own. 


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Let your physical fitness be a true representation of you, your power, your intelligence and your determination!