Meet Bruce Harris, a successful member


I've played high-level sports nearly all my life and my body (now in middle age) has suffered through multiple torn calves, hamstrings, groins as well as numerous ankles shoulder and knee injuries.

I originally joined Limber stretch class in response to constant testing of my calves, plantar fasciitis/Achilles’ tendon issues. I've been participating in stretch class since the beginning of the year as well as attending Kieser training on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoy doing the class with coach Bray and look forward to it each, and every week, although I must admit with some trepidation. It's hard to explain the joy of stretching hamstrings when it hurts as much as it does.

Bray is a highly experienced gymnast and simply amazes me with the control he has over his body. He is gentle in spirit but always encouraging. His program constantly changes from when there was just the two in the class to even have one-on-one sessions.  His classes have always focused heavily on stretching the hamstrings, calves, and back as well as core strengthening. Each exercise going only sufficiently long enough to have the desired outcome before moving onto the next exercise.

I am now very happy to say that I haven't torn a calf for maybe 3 months and my legs, back, and torso are all far more flexible and stronger as a result. I would highly recommend all males interested in looking after their bodies to join Limber Sports Performance stretching class!

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