We conduct workshops using our Limber Method of Gymnastics Based Training combined with sports training methodology. 

  • -High Performance Training Workshops
  • -Flexibility Training for elite athletes/performers adaptable to different sports
  • -Injury prevention pilates
  • -Beginner Circus Workshops
  • Corporate Fitness

    We can come to you! Book a session or block of classes for your office to keep your employers moving through out the day. 

    -Stretch and Strengthen
    -Pilates and Posture
    -Hula Hoops

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specifically for Calisthenics clubs, our program includes a warm up program and conditioning exercises from rhythmic gymnastics including passive and dynamic stretching, body tension drills, PNF partner stretching, correct alignment for splits and supersplits, backbends, walkovers, illusions, elbow stands, split leaps and other flexibility skills. 

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-Aerial Technique Solo and/or duo: This workshop helps students build the foundations you need to continue on to be a confident aerialist. Learn how to structure a comprehensive warm up and improve flexibility with our gymnastics based warm up program. Strength drills on the aerial apparatus programmed with sports training methodology. Perfect transitions on the apparatus to both save energy in the air and improve body lines and aesthetics. A structured cool down to minimise soreness for the next session and prevent injuries.