Have women lost there love for being feminine ? We don’t think so and that’s why we have created these Rhythmic Gymnastics Workouts especially for Woman which will help you build that fit, feminine and flexible female body. Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful female sports and not only are it’s athletes flexible, they are lean, strong, athletic and intelligent! They achieve the most physically difficult feats while also manipulating hand apparatus. Likewise our Limber ladies Workouts challenge your mind and body and will help you achieve skills you never thought possible. Stay away from repetitive training regimes and reap the benefits of a Rhythmic Gymnastics body!

What are the benefits you will get

  • Enhanced Physical Fitness & Wellbeing

  • Connect with like-minded Women

  • Workout Anywhere & Anytime

  • Learn the training secrets of Rhythmic Gymnasts

  • Enhanced your Flexibility

  • Build a Lean and Proportional Figure

  • Develop your Body Awareness.

  • Stimulate your Brain

  • Master Gymnastics Skills

Don’t enjoy weights training or HIIT?: Well neither do we! Our Limber Ladies Workouts take advantage of the three most popular stretching techniques; static stretching, dynamic stretching & P'N'F (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), performed in conjunction with bodyweight strengthening, neuromuscular challenge and plyometrics. We use Rhythmic Gymnastics based warm ups to provide a vast selection of exercises that are both more fun and challenging than your typical gym classes or yoga. 



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Live in Melbourne? Sign up for one of our Limber Ladies Courses, otherwise follow our FREE workouts online and join our female fitness community!