If you are looking for a sports specific flexibility training program, Limber Sports Performance is your best option. The flexibility programs developed by Lauren Skopal are based on Rhythmic Gymnastics training methods which combine combination stretching protocols with bodyweight strengthening, plyometrics and neuromuscular challenge. Lauren will design a flexibility program specifically for your sporting needs.

What are the benefits of gymnastics cross-training:

  • Learn Advanced Stretching Techniques & Recovery Methods

  • Enhanced Static & Dynamic Range of Motion

  • Correction of Muscle Imbalance

  • Improved Core Strength

  • Enhanced Activation of Deep Stabilising Muscles

  • Reduced Bothersome Soreness from Sports Training

  • Functional Movement Patterns for our Junior Athletes

Here's How: Unlike typical flexibility regimes our programs combine the three most popular stretching techniques; static stretching, dynamic stretching & P'N'F (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) combined with bodyweight strengthening and neuromuscular challenge. We use Rhythmic Gymnastics based warm ups programmed inline with Sports Science principles to provide a comprehensive flexibility training regime which is both more fun and challenging than your typical stretching from the gym or yoga. 



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Cross Training can enhance your physical and mental development as an athlete. Keep a balanced training regime with our Limber Athlete training programs.