Gymnastics Based Training Workshops

Our Gymnastics Based Training Workshops are designed to improve range of motion in the hips and lower limbs, back and shoulders.  Inspired from rhythmic gymnastics training our methods involve a combination or passive stretches, partner stretches and dynamic exercises which also help you stay supple and toned. We are always aiming to help our students reach the ultimate balance of flexibility vs strength.


We cater for beginner 'stretchers' through to professional dancers and athletes with specific performance goals. If you did some gymnastics, dance or were a sporty child then you will love the Limber Training Method and be surprised how much your body remembers and it all starts coming back. On the other hand if your goal is as simple as touching their toes then we are here to help you get there!

The flexibility program developed by Lauren Skopal is unlike any other training program. Have a look at our signature Belorussian Body Prep Program in the video below and you'll see why.....


How we structure our classes

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Based Warm Up
  • PNF partner stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) 
  • Dynamic stretching including Kicks
  • Passive stretching including Splits, Supersplits & Progressions towards
  • Back extensions including Backbends & variations 
  • Theraband exercises and light leg weights to improve ROM
  •  Gymnastics based core strength
  •  Injury Prevention Exercises from Pilates (Especially for the Hips)
  •  Plyometric Jump Training (optional)


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