Cirque Fit Workshops

There's no better way to strengthen your muscles and condition your body than lifting your own body weight! Private lessons available on both aerial hoop (lyra), aerial hammock and aerial straps. All our Melbourne aerial classes start with a muscle preparation and strengthening program followed by skills in the air catered to the goals of the student. Semi-professional students can also book an aerial lesson to polish one of their routines or prepare for an upcoming show or competition.


Learn the tricks of the trade first-hand from international performers Bray & Skopalova. They've been toured the world along important entertainment industry names including :

  • Stage Entertainment Touring Productions (NL)
  • Das SuperTalent (DE)
  • Ohlala Sexy-Crazy-Artistic ( CH)
  • Europa Park (DE)
  • Friedrichsbau Variete (DE)

Just to mention a few..

Our workshop's goals are to help you

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Based Warm Up
  • PNF partner stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) 
  • Dynamic stretching including Kicks
  • Passive stretching including Splits, Supersplits & Progressions towards
  • Back extensions including Backbends & variations 
  • Theraband exercises and light leg weights to improve ROM
  •  Gymnastics based core strength
  •  Injury Prevention Exercises from Pilates (Especially for the Hips)
  •  Plyometric Jump Training (optional)


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