Calisthenics Australia and FLEX-PRO

Our FLEX-PRO WORKSHOPS specifically for Calisthenics clubs teach warm up programs from rhythmic gymnastics including passive and dynamic stretching, body tension drills, PNF partner stretching, correct alignment for splits and supersplits, backbends, walkovers, illusions, elbow stands, split leaps and other flexibility skills. 

Our workshop also covers handstand technique with handstand preparations, confidence drills on the hands, understanding the biomechanics of a handstand, learning how to find the vertical line, different handstand shapes including staddle, stag and arch handstand and conditioning for handstands.



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As the leader of the program Lauren was a rhythmic gymnast for 12 years, medalling on national level on many occasions. She now performs internationally as a circus performer with her partner. As well as her years of performance experience Lauren has an Honours Degree in Exercise Science, is Stott Pilates Instructor and an accredited coach with Gymnastics Australia. Read More


Love Our Workshops & Want More??

Limber Sports Performance can provide you with an exclusive Flexibility and/or Handstand technique program for your school or club. As an addition to our student workshops we can also design training and warm up programs which your coaches can use on a weekly basis with the students. Written notes outlining the program is provided to the teachers and we train and assess them on how to teach the program. The purpose and benefits of each exercise, modifications and progressions are also discussed. Coach support is available after the training session for any questions which may arise. For more information contact